The 2017 Women’s TRY-athlon and Fun Run/Walk will be held on Saturday November 18th at Tatlow’s Beach, Stanley. A variety of race options are available with the day kicking off at 12:00pm.

The aim of the Women’s TRY-athlon and Fun Run/Walk is to give women an achievable health and fitness event that is inclusive, encouraging, positive, non-threatening and fun.

The TRY-athlon distances are a 200m swim, a 6km bike ride and a 2km run.

The TRY-athlon can be completed as an individual or as a team.
There is also the option of completing only the fun run/walk (6km or 2km option). CLICK HERE to enter.
Our aim is to provide the women of Tasmania a training goal for 2017. This will help to improve their health and fitness and for them to form new, permanent and sustainable habits, which in turn would have positive impacts on families and communities of Tasmania.

We will provide group support and accountability structures that will carry on after the TRY-athlon.
There will also be on-going online support through our website and through media to reach isolated women or women that can’t access the training.

In addition we will have a range of events in the lead up and on the day of the event that promote health and fitness for women. CLICK HERE to see other events.