Doris Trueman – Staying Fit at Any Age


Doris Trueman – Staying Fit at Any Age

Doris Trueman and friends_London World Champs 2013

The Women’s TRY-Athlon and Fun Run committee feel so lucky to have the lovely Doris Trueman as our Event Ambassador for our inaugural year, given she was the inaugural winner of the Devonport Triathlon in 1985. 

Doris has done so much for women in sport and the sport of triathlon. She also competed in the 1984 British Winter Olympics for Cross Country skiing in Sarajevo. 

She is an incredibly inspiring lady – to celebrate her 60th birthday a few years ago she won herself a World Championship medal in London, competing in an Olympic distance triathlon (1500m swim, 40km ride and 10km run).

She has overcome some amazing personal battles as well including multiple cancers, and her current training regime is seriously impressive for a woman of any age.

We caught up with the local north-west Podiatrists to find out about her training!




(JM) How did you get started in the world of triathlon? What are some of the highlights of your career in triathlon and other sports?

I won a running race in Hobart & the prize was a trip to Adelaide. There was a triathlon on there, the South Australian championship & it seemed like a good idea to take part.

Winter Olympics Cross Country skiing has to be major highlight. Winning inaugural Devonport Triathlon (1985), then Australian title 1986. The duathlon (run, cycle run) in Queens New York was amazing for many reasons one of which was John, my husband, helping with security overnight leading up to the event. We were staying in a camper at the start, racing on closed roads in New York was a buzz.

Crawfishman in New Orleans, the Canadian pro titles & winning team medal in European Ironman were also highlights, and of course the Nice triathlon was amazing.

Of course more recently 3rd in age group sprint at London was a surprise & loved standard distance course past Buckingham palace & along the Thames- the Olympic course.


Doris old

Doris chasing down the boys in the inaugural Devonport Triathlon.



(JM) What is a typical week of training for you? What events are you currently training for.

100-150k of cycling per week from 2-3 rides.

2 swims that make up a total 4.5-6k

I’m slowly trying to increase running. I couldn’t run from February to August due to calf issues but I’m now managing around 15-20k per week.


I’m currently training for 70.3 Ballarat in mid December (this is a 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike and 21.1km run – not a bad achievement in your 60s).

Two or three marathon ski races in march (These range from 55- 90km ).



(JM) Where do you get your motivation for to keep training?

I love feeling good. For me that means feeling fit and being able to do all the things I want to do. When I run, cycle or swim & I feel my body doing what I ask of it, it is such a good feeling and I want to keep it.   There are also amazing people & places out there that sport allows you to meet & go to.



(JM) What advice would you give to any woman looking at getting involved in triathlon (or swimming, biking, running)?

Set a goal, start small, don’t do too much too soon. A slow start is better than injury. Get good advice on early training.




(JM) What have been your biggest challenges or mindset barriers that you have had to overcome to reach your goals?


No real mindset barriers.  Coming from a cross country skiing background triathlon (some of Doris’ races are 7 hours!!!), at first, seemed almost easy by comparison. I was fortunate to have been a swimmer as a child and this helped amazingly. I guess I’m pretty competitive, if only with myself. Once I decide I want to do something I will do all I can to make it happen. The only barriers for me were physical for a while, but after recovery I’m just more determined to continue. I’ve had multiple cancers including breast and melanoma. I’ve also had preventative surgeries which have interupted things over the years.  It’s true that those things make life seem sweeter.


(JM) Do you have any advice to give to the women participating in their first TRY-athlon on November 15th?


doris bike



You can meet Doris at the Women’s TRY-Athlon and Fun Run on November 15th at Tatlow’s Beach, Stanley from 12:30pm. She will be officially starting the events. Entries to the TRY-Athlon and Fun Run close November 8th.

  November 4, 2015