6km Bike
6 KM Run

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TRY-Athlon: 200m swim, 6km bike ride, 2km run

Fun Run: 2km or 6km.

Where is the swim leg?

The swim will start on the beach in front of the caravan park (Tatlow’s Beach). Participants will swim west towards the first transition (T1).

What if I'm not confident swimming in the ocean?

Tatlow’s Beach is sheltered and shallow. If you are not confident you may swim in the areas where you can stand – you are permitted to walk if you need to.

Where does the run start?

The run will start and finish at Godfreys Beach.

What if I don't have a bike?

Can you beg, borrow or steal one? Any bike will do and prizes will be given to the most creative bikes on the day!

Where does the bike leg start?

The bike leg will near Tatlow’s Beach (west of the caravan park) and will finish at Godfrey’s Beach.